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2019/06/05 16:22, Rato: 
I have this feeling that, at rent/login base, there is a random spell variable that is set.

On combo charmers, it is very perceptible...

Is it a myth? Or new feature?

2019/06/08 17:18, Padan:   
To be honest, I think it's kinda true with thieves, too. Sometimes I fail every single stab on silly mobs, rent, relog, and don't fail anymore. Might just be in my head, but it's nice to see someone else thinking the same.

2019/06/08 20:16, Enaore:   
Same here Padan

2019/06/08 22:41, Shaukr: 
We can easily fix this! Simply change it so that instead of any sort of random seed, stab and charm success rates are a fixed value of 0.

2019/06/09 16:52, Padan:   
I hate your whole face.

2019/06/10 01:09, Rato: 
If this is a feature... I don't like it. Makes me loose precioussss game time to realize the need to rent/log... But maybe it is just a bug.

2019/06/10 12:24, Fieldy:   
When I have played my scout, I have also noticed it, but never thought it could be random rent/log thing. Has anyone tried to rent/relog until the random login variable is good? : P

2019/06/10 17:39, Rato: 
I do it often on Sudo. The wierd thing is that when Im able to easily charm 2 meagles after failing alot and rent/log, my buffing is not that good... Maybe its psycological...

2019/06/11 10:13, Rogon:   
One of MUME's best kept secrets have been revealed. It was meant to be a secret advantage for V+ who play mortals, but I might as well tell you; the way to guarantee a good random seed is to typo your password twice before logging on.

2019/06/11 11:41, Elestir:   
I doubt it has anything to do with random seed, because MUME probably shares one random number generator for everyone (as well as for NPCs, etc.) - there is just no good reason to use more than one.

But possible explanation is that there is a glitch in backstab-sense code and renting/relogin performs some sort of reset that fixes it. As for spells, I don't know what it could be. What Rato says could be explained if MUME assigned warrior/mage level semi-randomly at login time, but I doubt that is the case (there is no reason for randomness).

2019/06/11 14:32, Teoli: 
Humans are very bad at detecting randomness. We see patterns everywhere.

To know if there is a problem, one should collect statistic of success/failure during a session, doing this for 5-6 months and then seeing if there is some pattern/clusterisation happening.

I guess scripting powtty to get the raw data (a kind of modified xp-counter for casting counter) may be possible.

(No, I'm not volunteering here :-) )

2019/06/11 15:41, Rogon:   
Great, everyone can sit back and relax, in 6 months we'll see what Teoli has to say on the matter.

2019/06/11 16:08, Fieldy:   
Rogon is on fire today :D

2019/06/11 18:01, Strori:edited 1x   
client echoes me % of successfully stored quakes. Usually around average value all the time.

2019/06/12 17:06, Benedictus:   
Rogon lets talk later privately about that fullset for good seed thing ok?

2019/06/14 08:39, Arcanum:   
Last one on 'who' list gains extra % of exp, remember?

2019/06/14 13:02, Arfang:   
And Rogon forgot to mention that we are wasting our V+ time playing level 100 hobbits with all stats at 25, in full shining on test mud and with all these bonuses and V+ random seed it is a bit boring :-)

2019/06/14 18:00, Savu:   
I think next 6 months people can play without the weird randomness because Rogon notices that Teoli will be gathering statistics and turned 'Random login spell' off.

2019/06/14 22:26, Rato: 
I did notice less randomness yesterday!

2019/06/15 12:50, Glaurog:edited 1x   
Hell yeah, I can tell you that random login behaviour is true! Why? Beacause it works irl too. When I woke up and fucked up a project at work, I did a powernap later that day and everything turned out smooth. So yes, when first login feels like a fail, it's good to restart. Mind-boggling, I know!
Edit: I think it's the lizard people of Bildenberg group controlling magnetic waves with HAARP on flat Earth thus probably affecting Mume logon too.

2019/06/16 01:15, Enaore:   
sounds legit

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