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2021/09/02 05:19, Wilino:   
Which changes? any changes to charm is good at this moment.

2021/09/03 11:59, Ares: 
Yeah what changes :P the usually mobile charmies still have insane mobility.

2021/09/07 06:53, Ezmodius: 
For all the people asking that the mapper stop working so well with blind: this must be done in MUME itself. Requesting changes to the mapper is completely useless. The mapper is open source so if you put some code in there that makes it mess up when blind, people who know how will just download the source, take it out again and rebuild the mapper. Meaning the only people affected will be those who don't know how to do this and don't have friends to help them.

Personally I think taking away the line that shows flee direction when blind is worth trying.

On thing I'd like to see more is little tweaks tried and tested rather than big bang changes. Is charm too powerful? Take the best suggestion here but only do them to a small amount and watch what happens in-game over some weeks or so. If it's going the desired direction add some more.

And please leave GAC alone. If you don't want your pretty character to suffer any inconvenience from dying go play WoW. Or nearly any other MMO or MUD because this is one of the very few which gets this part closer to right.

2021/09/07 19:06, Facelift:   
^ all what Ezmodius said. Saves me a bunch of time writing the exact same shit

2021/09/24 21:17, Vurv:   
Make practicing Kick more useful by having it interrupt Bash. Tie it to practices with awareness and it gives another tool for scouts to use in combat. Warriors would find it very useful too.

Add an ability 'Tripping' that briefly interrupts (not as long as bash) a fleeing enemy. The execution time would also be quicker than trying to bash. DEX and PER modifiers suggested. Could be substituted for 'Charging'

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