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Why did you stop playing? catchup  discussions

2021/03/23 21:37, Carl: 
I get the feeling that there are a lot of lurkers on ER who don't play anymore. What made you stop? What would bring you back?

2021/03/23 21:59, Facelift:   
because doing the same thing and expecting different results is madness?

2021/03/23 22:11, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Life, work, unpleasant people.

Brings back: boredom.

2021/03/23 23:11, Nazgum: 
I'm still playing so perhaps not intended for me, but I noticed a drop off in players the past few weeks... I attributed it to spring, but thinking about it more, I feel it could be the excitement of DG wearing off.

I know MUME is developed as a hobby, but I do think some way to provide more frequent updates is key to retaining players. When you've seen everything, of course it gets boring, but when there is something new, everyone wants to check it out. The new DG zone provided a pretty huge surge in interest for a while, but it took 10 years to make, the next zone is not really a practical wait for most people.

I think League of Legends is the best example to follow here. That game has one map players play over and over for years now, but it stays interesting because they continually provide balance updates every 2 weeks (which tweaks chars and items), which keeps people coming back, because like mume, a few changes to stats/combat can have a lot of impact in the game.

Changes to existing spells/skills should be very fast to implement, and even new spells/skills should not be overly time consuming. Having even 1 change like this every month or two would be exciting, and make people want to login and test it. People level up new characters because of this too, which is great for the game, I mean look how many new shamans were leveled up because of the raise dead changes.

2021/03/24 02:15, Roadkill: 
The pointlessness of playing solo vs groups. Too large a time investment needed for too little fun. Unpleasant people.

2021/03/24 02:57, Ruen: 
Hmmm well, it is interesting, because I was logging daily and MUME was all I played. I will be back for sure. I think some of the contributing factors were
1. I mobdied a bn thief. Was Unable to get eq back and had some issues deciding if I wanted to play it... I decided to play it and get it to 26 out of spite. But that makes it work and not play...

2. Mudlet updated and the included some new muds offered in their connect menu. I was reading a sci-fi book at the time and a sci-fi mud caught my eye. I then did some experimentation around with some different muds, and different clients seeing what they are like and playing around with different mappers.
Aside note and good news for mume, I don't think anything else that I am interested in can compare to what mume and mmapper together offer. There is such a high time requirement for most muds, and without a map, people killing you all the time, lost eq...I feel like I am getting too old and I like MUME best. I do feel that mmapper is a huge part of that and should be advertised heavily.

3. I thought ok forget the bn thief, but even then I don't really enjoy puke staffs or charm... but I still want to play. When I jump on orc warrior, I largely just roam and LFG, but it is rare someone answers. Most likely to group me is Zud. Even puke side I nar several times throughout the session, but no one looking to group. I was inspired play my thief as I was enjoying him, but I wanted to level an orc thief to map DG which I have not done, and locks me out of xp there as well as groups looking to go because I have not mapped it and would likely be more of a liability.

4. So my feelings behind playing were medium... and because of the sci-fi book I was reading, I wanted to check out some sci-fi games, and realized my steam library is full of some good games that I have not played in a while. So I have been playing them. It is easy to pause and walk away, and feeds my game fix.

5. Rest assured Ill be back to die again another day.

2021/03/24 04:07, Fleck:   
I didn't quit but I'll be gone a few months because work + life got crazy, but will be back when I have more time :). MUME is very engaging for me, so I have to take regular breaks in general.

2021/03/24 10:53, Carl: 
I feel like I stopped because of multiple smaller factors that just slowly piled up over the years.

I've mastered all there is to be done on the game. There isn't anything that excites me anymore. It's just a grind. I was watching someone on twitch just spamming Diablo III stuff for higher weapons and... doing the exact same thing over and over. I didn't want to be that guy.

The already small player base has formed a lot of mini groups that don't enjoy grouping outside of their clique. It's impossible to avoid these groups since everyone knows everyone. I enjoyed the game more when people were anonymous.

Maybe I'd come back if there was an eq/player wipe with regular mini updates that changed the game so that it wasn't all just the same.

2021/03/24 16:32, Elízalde:   
Add to what Carl said in his paragraph 3 to being a pal of someone from each of these mini groups, and well, the drama is just too much. No matter what you do or who you fight, there is always some bullshit stemming from it at least during US peak night hours. I play Eliz mostly the past year for 2 reasons, and this is one of them, because I don't have to be a part of any of the drama it causes and I don't have to group - I just ignore everyone usually.

Also, paragraph 4: I agree and I know people hate when they hear me say #EQWIPE, but this in some way should happen (every two weeks/monthly/etc.) and like Carl said, some type of mini updates (or like I've said before some type of weekly bonus quest for each race and maybe the item/reward can be given to another race to promote grouping and being friendly to one another maybe).

2021/03/24 17:28, Morzhel: 
The time commitment needed for mume is a big factor for me. I want to log on, play for +/- an hour maybe two. When I play I am only really looking to PK. If I need to spend my entire session trying to re-eq, it's boring and I rather go do something other than mume. Maybe I should play a class / race like bear that does not need eq. I am sure other people who are much better than I can do this more easily but oh well.

2021/03/24 17:56, Elízalde:   
Morzhel: I tried that too, bear and troll. I think a larger majority of players don't bother to fight those though, so it was not satisfying to me. Unless they were in a larger group and there was really no way I could kill even the weakest of that group - also not satisfying for me.

2021/03/24 18:05, Arcanum:   
I strongly oppose eqwipe.

Remember, some years back on 1st of April, we were all level 21 hobbits or trolls. Naked.
So, all were naked and same level and what was the outcome of this experiment? Some hours later some people were probably less than level 21 and still naked and some people were wearing full shining metals etc.

Over time those naked people can have a lucky shopping session and end up with the gear they can not get no other way. And good for them.

(They can keep that eq forever and quake room full warhorses in blue mountains til max level for all we know.)

Eqwipe just means some people never have a COPPER!

2021/03/24 19:00, Shaukr: 
A couple thoughts on cliques, because I agree with what's been said:

1) MUME has a lot to lose on death. This leads directly to 2) why would you play with an unknown that might make you die? So groups crystallize around sets of people.

I've been trying to personally address this by rerolling characters to be less eq-dependent, or playing low legends who have nothing to lose. Not only does it make things more fun for me, but I've ended up grouping with many people new to me that I've run into (on the same or opposite side).

I think a core issue for the game is getting experienced players to group with newer players, as a social aspect, a goal for players with nothing else to do, and a way to climb the massive learning curve of the game for the inexperienced. I don't have an answer to it, but it needs to be a priority.

2021/03/24 19:18, Mithfalen: 
not enough action for my satisfaction.

2021/03/24 19:32, Shrike: 
Haven't really decided to quit now, but I did once earlier and haven't felt very motivated to play for a bit now. Main factors I can think of:

- Harsh penalties and xp grind. Of course they are part of what makes MUME what it is, but some unfortunate mobdeaths setting you back hours/days really can take the wind out of your sails. Getting that xp (and/or eq) back again can feel like a drag.

- Quite a huge time commitment required. When grouping it feels like you need at least a spare hour or two (once you're lucky to find someone to group with, and then I don't want to let this stroke of luck go to waste), and during those you really can't eat or pee. Better solo but being solo has other drawbacks.

- No reasonable/achievable goals, esp solo. For me just grinding levels after legend doesn't feel motivating. Aiming for some piece of EQ might, but most of it tends to be out of my reach when solo. PK is ofc an obvious one but equal fights are hard to find, and more often than not I'm likely to lose my precious xp and eq.

2021/03/24 20:39, Enforcer: 
Where do you find those unpleasant people in MUME? Everyone seems real nice and I can only think of one rotten egg :)

2021/03/24 21:01, Osilin: 
My last log is from 2006 and I took a 10 year break just about then. The reason was 'natural causes' - life and interests changed. But for the last year or so I have played a bit again, exped some experimental chars because of the levels and power change etc.
I wish back in mid 00s the level-power change were present, because back then the game was a lot less eq dependant. My next break will probably be because the game has become too complex, there is no place for casual PKer anymore with all the intricate gear all around

2021/03/24 21:12, Dearth:   
Only thing that brought me back was Jahara & Rogon breathing fresh air into the game. Hope they are given the chance to keep doing it

2021/03/24 21:41, Relim:   
It's an interesting question. I'm often to be found on MUME these days, but only for small bouts. I stopped for several years, but the lockdown in the UK certainly gave more time for other pursuits. When I'm not painting, or working out (yay Peloton), or watching football... it's a nice pursuit to have.

When it was full of players on both sides (and to Nazgum's point, perhaps due to new zones, though I thought it was because everyone was bored in pandemic lockdown...!), it did feel a bit like old times. Now? A bit 'meh'.

Equally, when I did stop for several years, other than checking ER from time to time, I didn't overly miss it.

But it still has a lure, and when I see Ert or some other fellas, or people recognise a character from my silly surname and chat, it's quite fun.

But when it's quiet, and you run from Brolg to Tharbad, Bree to Rivendell, and not a soul is there, it's quite easy to log off and not really think much about it again.

2021/03/25 01:19, Vurv:   
Back in the day my link speed of 800ms impacted my enjoyment of PK. I was dead meat where survival depended upon speed of opening/closing doors unless I pre-spammed on the command line. Often, I ended up dead before I even had a sense of being in a fight. Back-scrolling my death was a great source of amusement. I have seen posts by players indicating they don't bother playing if their link speed was over 100ms. Is that still the case? Fortunately, I derived a lot of satisfaction showing Newbies the basics of MUME and exploring the multitude of puzzles that MUME had to offer along with all the social aspects that an intelligent community provided.

2021/03/25 04:55, Facelift:   
Fuck you Enforcer and your rotten eggs. It's nice to keep riding the 'oh lol Snakr the cheater teen' wagon for 20 years?

I could not give a flying fuck that snowflakes can't stand anyone who is not like them. 'unpleasant people' coming from the shitfucks who have done nothing to help new playerbase nor anyone else besides themselves.

2021/03/25 05:26, Velgular: 
I played off and on for many years, took long breaks due to work and lifestyle, but I am definitely not a normal player... I'm a huge pussy in MUME, biggest weenie ever. It's just because I enjoy lowbie solo XP when I'm relaxing on a lazy rainy day, and I really like equipping my lowbie with stylish eq that randomly comes up in shops. I spend a lot of time walking around checking shops for cool eq and trading or giving away eq that I find. To the 100% accurate point above, I was always one of those naked three-mobdeath characters that never had a copper, until the eq changes that made it more available and popping in shops. LOL I like mining, too! I never touch PK or think about it, I just autospamflee tf back west, and idgaf because I literally just told you I'm the biggest weenie ever.

I tried MMapper a few weeks ago for the first time ever, and that changed everything for me. It's still MUME but it was like having a completely new sense (like touch, taste, sight, smell) come online. Maybe I'll even try PK sometime, and I feel that way due almost entirely due to how MMapper has changed the game for me. I'd like to be able to bank some of my precious eq and cheddar in Bree or BM or something, and run off to try some PK. It would be fun to be able to have a 'garrison' set of eq and a 'field' set of eq. But without something like that, I will just keep autospamfleeing as far west as the game will let me go, because I'm not willing to risk the shining piece I got in a lucky trade from a generous benefactor or the ruby ring I luckily found from a shop and bought with gold I got from mining for like 3 RL days, because *I'm the biggest weenie ever*. I like the 'new' equipment, though. I always wished MUME had more cool eq for me to collect.

One thing that seems different these days and which I could see driving off (new) players is the etiquette of XP. There are a number of players that will steamroll right past you in an area you're actively XPing, and kill- and loot-steal. This has always been a thing to some degree, but it is remarkably more common nowadays I think. I never had an issue with players for example running past me into the spirit castle outside GH to get to the ghost/chest first, or that area with robbers and pit/passage and thugs and sarcophagus at the end. But I definitely do now. A couple of times my spidey sense was tingling and I imagined some players are scripting XP, but that's the sort of 'open secret' thing that I would never find out about since I'm just a lowbie solo XP weenie, so who knows. And I was thinking maybe there are actual new players (amazing idea, the ad campaign) and we have a cultural transmission problem, but I'm an optimist in the general case and so it's more probable those people know exactly what they're doing and do not give a fuck at all. On the other hand, shit seems to pop SO much faster these days, it's not like there's a line forming to do quests. Sorry, I typed a lot, I'm high.

2021/03/25 05:38, Velgular: 
Also there's always been some intense clashes of personality in the playerbase, but tbh the community of players is one of the big reasons I keep coming back. In many ways it's like IRC. I even met my last wife at a MUME meet! I've partied with lots of MUMErs IRL and there's something about this game which attracts a certain type of person that I enjoy getting to know more often than not. Meeting new people and catching up with my old friends is a big part of the meaning MUME has in my life. I bet I would have a fun time hanging out with almost anybody that plays MUME.

2021/03/25 13:57, Alweon: 
I came back late last summer after ~10 years away. I was playing about 10 hours per week but now I'm down to about 2.5 hrs due to RL commitments.

Some issues I've found:

- The map has overgrown the player-base. There is far too much space for people to safely hide away, which is counter to the PvE/PK dynamic. I would rather see less expansion and instead a redesign of some of the existing areas. The mechanics and quality of DG, Emyn, and other newer zones far surpasses older zones. Give them an update and add more reasons for people to go there.

- Power creep of solo casters/charm means there is less incentive for grouping.

- Classes and skills need a facelift. Let's face it, you can only attract so many NEW players to MUME and the cycle of XPing/hearing new chars is what drives the gameplay economy. Tweaking these areas from time to time changes the meta and gives people a reason to try new things. The nerfs and buffs don't need to be extreme to create excitement.

- Attitude on puke side seems strangley more negative than the dark side, which has a poor affect on new players. Attitudes should shift to becoming more helpful and welcoming to retain newer players.

- While we will always be thankful to the Implementers, if they aren't invested in MUME beyond maintaining a sense of power and control, perhaps they should let loose their grip. The game needs to evolve to keep up with the times and maintain (or grow) it's player-base.

Just my two cents.

2021/03/25 19:29, Diamonium: 
I never did. I can do it offline now. Just close your eyes and text starts scrolling.

2021/03/25 19:50, Singleton: 
@Diamonium: *ROTFL*

2021/03/26 01:40, Belamir: 
Lies, Diamonium even posted a farewell log!

I just stopped playing due to time constraints. MUME was never a 'casual' game for me, and I think it only works as a 'casual' game under certain circumstances that may not always be feasible or even fun (i.e., play a race that doesn't rely on equipment and accept the limitations of those races, have a group of friends ready to re-equip you when you die so you don't lose surprisingly large percentages of your playtime to re-equipping, etc.).

When I actually have chunks of time to spend on gaming (happened this winter! For the first time in like.. 7 years!), I still find the game fun. Despite all the (legitimate) complaints listed by other people in this thread. Probably had something to do with how long it's been since I've been able to play (lots of things were 'new to me' this winter that everyone else had been dealing with for like.. 5+ years), but I also made an effort to try new character combinations, get involved in a building project, make new friends in-game, etc. - and all of that made for a pretty varied and enjoyable experience.

2021/03/26 04:02, Cyndane: 
This is by far the best game I've ever played, and I shudder to think how many hours I've put into it.

That being said, I haven't played much these past few months, got married, bought a house, etc, but I log periodically from work here and then.

I've always preferred playing darkie, and to go against a few points previously said I absolutely love teaching people about the game. New groupies are fantastic, as long as they listen and react rather fast.

But what kills my attention is the wandering forever, finding tracks and Oops its a puke with 2-4 charmies that has a bazillion safespots they run to instantly.

After 20+ years, I know pretty much everything there is to know, and I have legends of every class/race/combo. There's just not much left.. no Moria excitement, no fear, no learning.

I've never really cared what level I was, as long as I was a high enough level to be either moderately successful or more likely just not steamrolled.

What if we devote 1 week a month to banzai, see what happens changes? Nerf charm, see how people react. Add more shaman only skills. Tweak thief sneak success. Just try things you think are gamebreaking but haven't tested, and just instead of relying on the gods already vastly appreciated donated time to test here and there, put it on the players to test.

You'd have a vast number of people guineapigging your ideas, and you'd get real life and real-time feedback.

If you DO break the game, I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind a day old rollback. I can't speak for others, but this would absolutely get me to come back and play a lot more.

Anyway, some of my longest friendships have come from this game, and I'll never stay away for long, but those are my 2 cents.

2021/03/26 13:55, Andróg:   
I think for me it really did come down to developing other interests and other more interesting goals. Thing is, to play MUME in such a way that maintains a certain level of 'excitement' or 'suspense' is just too time-consuming. MUME is pretty much the exact opposite to a game where you can just log in for 30 minutes once in a while. One needs to really play it regularly and have longer sessions or else one's MUME skills just become so rusty that you can end up killing oneself or one's groupmates out of sheer incompetence. And thus, if one needs to choose between abandoning many of those other interests or just not playing MUME... MUME is the losing side.

PS. Diamonium FTW! :-)

2021/03/26 14:11, Savu:  edited 1x   
For me there is only so much fun to be had in killing mobs. Do it a couple of times and then there should be some other fun to be had. In MUME that could be PK, but yeah, it really isn't.

I think it has a lot to do with what's left of the playerbase. Everyone who is willing to fight seems to be far too hardcore. I think the last time I stopped playing it was just the fact that everyone who fought back seemed to have a backpack full of rocks and pouches and scrolls. It's another one of these things that does not matter as much in group pk, but for solo play it just either you stock up on consumables or you lose.

I also second the time issue. Back in the day I was playing muds, which is like a full-time job in itself to be competitive. Then it was LoL, with like 20-40 minute easymode games, then Hearthstone with even shorter games, Hearthstone with like 7 minutes and so on. So the pattern seems to be 'less commitment' :D

2021/03/26 14:14, Fleck:   
Trying out balance changes for a week is a fantastic idea. Gives everyone a chance to get real feedback, increases excitement to play during that period.

2021/03/26 15:13, Ortansia:   
Too time consuming, harsh penalties, lack of development, unpleasant people ...

Unfortunatly, nothing can bring me back, because when I quit something, it is forever. there's no way back :/

2021/03/27 15:49, Rik: 
Life did move on. Also whenever I have a short session during eu daytime it is not too much fun due to lack of players online. I.e. no narrating or anything.

2021/03/29 23:48, Cuantar: 
I also didn't quit, but I've been scarce for a few weeks due to rl demands. I keep meaning to log and then running out of time when all else is finished.

2021/03/31 09:25, Tyor:   
Every two years or so I get the urge to pick up mume again. I level a new char or two to around legend and then stop. Why? Well...

I played a fair bit but was never much good at pvp. I preferred exping and experimenting with chars but always liked the spice of potential pk encounters along with it. Plus the option to join chaotic stuff at noc or warrens on either side. But not against the like ruthlessly efficient small group killers, more the random groups of peer type players.

I think the absence of that kind of dynamic in modern mume is why it doesn't hold my attention like it used to. I get to legend, bum around, sometimes die to the remaining killer types, and cbf. If I had more of my peers to play with, that would help, or if I had more to do, or if it didn't feel so unbalanced being a slowbie against the killers.

Actually, as an aside, I think I made a comment about this ages ago but imo mume needs /more/ wizkilling powers. I know most don't agree, but imo wizkill evens things up by virtue of chance. It's worth fighting if you have a chance, rather than what is invariably a pretty finely calculated certainty of death vs certain players. I get why leet types think having random chance to die is dumb, but as prey rather than predator I'd argue it's better to have the chance/hope of prevailing over certainty of death when thinking from a 'will I keep playing' perspective.

2021/05/04 10:17, Capcaun: 
Been on and off from MUME for the last 18+ years or so. When i quit, its usually because the game becomes to repetitive, or my core friend group quits or swap to solo charmer types, and I'm stuck playing an online game in solo mode. When i come back, its usually because some new features or zones that i want to see.
I feel like the biggest session killers, for me, besides rl, is the mishmash mechanic and the travel points. I can remember quite a few times when i just logged my scout to mishmash all my ginseng hoard, then rent in for tps, it actively prevents old players from trying out new characters.

2021/05/05 04:18, Agarwaen:edited 1x   
1) My current cable internet in Brooklyn is unreliable. Hopefully getting Fios installed in the next 3-6 months.

2) Last time I played, there wasn't enough of the kind of pk that I enjoy. (Basically what Tyor said above.)

3) Honestly most of the people that still play seem to be aggressively dickish. The player base here has always been pretty toxic but it seems like it just keeps getting worse.

4) Don't know any of the new zones and don't really want to risk mobdeath/losing gear to learn it solo. And finding groups for anything when you don't really know anybody isn't fun.

2021/05/05 05:57, Ytinas: 
It’s not all dickishness atm, there’s good people there still. More annoying is that door cheats and minor actions abound, but that’s somewhat ignorable. But reason why I write here is that for me part of the fun was playing with all the different people, not just the ones you know. It’s why I have waaay to many characters, and most not public.

When the game went from social to scrollhoarding that coincided with changes in life. Good point to stop.

2021/05/06 06:49, Capcaun: 
The dickishness was always there but, if anything, it's less nowadays. I think the kids from 20 years ago have somewhat matured. Saddest part is the dwindling player base. Every now and then someone quits, and no new players to replace them. There is also zero reason to group up, especially with strangers, so older players have a small group of close friends that they interact with, something a new player will not get into very easily.
If the mud would promote content that would encourage team play and entice interacting with 'strangers', it would be a great start. We still have enough people playing, but they are spread out playing their solo char, in some remote corner of Arda.

2021/05/07 18:58, Asgon:   
I stopped playing many years ago. I just wasn't good enough to PK against the experts on MUME. I really enjoyed PvE but I played solo or in a very small group most of the time but when a huge group rolls you over as soon as you've built up your eq and loots everything it gets old quick.

2021/05/08 05:34, Phae: 
I come and go for personal reasons, of course I'm sharing. I've played on and off for 15 years. When my dad first taught me I was addicted and we would spend hours not sleeping, not eating, only getting up to go to the bathroom playing side by side. Made good friends with the guys at this time as we'd always be talking on voice chat back then. I kind of had a shit childhood with my mom so MUME was an escape. I catch myself falling back to it when I need that escape again. I quit playing when I joined the military, only thought about it a few times, logged a couple times, nothing too memorable (you know my memory is shit anyways). After I got out of the army I found myself struggling with normalcy and I was really depressed so I found my way back to MUME. This was back in 2014, 2015? Made good friends w/ the Norwegians and Swedish players who were teaching me their language as I love languages so MUME turned into a this language class each time and I loved it. I'd keep word documents of everything they taught me and pronunciations. I then decided I was going to move to Hawaii where, being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean my link was shit, felt what I can only imagine it feels like to be an Australian player ha. Let's see, life got better, beaches, boyfriends, husband, etc. Then I came back during the summer of COVID after school was over and I was bored out of my mind, Hawaii was on lockdown so I moved back to the mainland and had a shit ton of free time plus other RL debilitating problems so I escaped back to MUME. I try not to get on until after E is asleep so I normally miss most of my friends. Haven't been playing recently due to too many life changes but still try to hop on to lead roggie, sadly that's about it for right now. There was that week of bad luck with mob deaths I had on Phae a few months back and I'm surprised I didn't quit then. Playing MUME takes too many RL hours and too much obligation (plus all you f*ckers quit).

2021/05/11 16:47, Malek: 
As a solo player (war-scout) since the late 90s, I was so use to sometimes getting jumped by some uber-gang, so I was use to running around with crap equip. I was fine with that and I loved the challenge. It seems now that most don't want to lose any equipment so they play it safe in groups. The penalty for death is a bit harsh, level-wise, if you are just super unlucky for a time. One of the hardest things to get over, is the rent fees due, if you haven't logged in for a while and they take your equipment, and the equipment was a bit uber. The time sink is what gets to folks, imho, when things like what I mentioned, happen to you. Back then we were fine but now, as most of us are 'adulting,' and our Mume time is rare.

2021/06/18 18:24, Phoebe:   
Came back after a few year break and enjoyed the game. But then I had to decide - play a naked troll, play bn caster (meh) or bn scout (plz), because I often need to rent immediately. Which meant that I cannot afford myself the “spam to a rentspot” or “wait for night to spam”. I also don’t like linkrenting because there is no real formula to find out for how long you can actually linkrent. I also like playing orcs, but starting every journey from NOC or ZOC (yes, I know about ooc and DG too) means that I have to spend extra time heading out to some area.

So when I got time to play there was always Nocktards (sorry for whoever feels offended by that) running around as a group or Absint with his group trapping and hunting you all over the arda.

Eventually it turned into: find time to play, log on, hear about absint/nocks running around and just rent.. because running solo from a group of 4 is mindnumbing.

2021/06/20 14:22, Absinth: 
[submitted link]

2021/07/12 16:15, Eldaril: 
Mostly what Asgon said.

Also, everything that made the game hardcore for 20-year old me is essentially nuisance for a 40-year old with lots of other competing priorities. Frankly, I can't possibly imagine spending tons of time to just spam around to get places, wait regen, etc. And you can't actually spin on your heels and shut the game down if you need to. Just feels like a colossal waste of time right now.

Dwindling population didn't help either, as well as the fact that I didn't know many people in game, and the ones I did know have hung them up long ago.

2021/09/11 22:02, Dorfl: 
What? Did anyone quit?

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