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My little indie game hits kickstarter! catchup  discussions

2021/10/17 17:23, Nazgum:edited 4x   
so as probably a lot of you know, ive been working on an indie game for a little over 3 years. i just finished the trailer last week, and am launching it on kickstarter this week!

its a roguelike, so every run is randomized, its fairly hard, u lose everything on death, and you get a lot of choice on how to build your char - so in some ways a bit similar to mume! if it seems like a game you'd enjoy, its going live on kickstarter this thursday Oct 21 =)


youtube trailer: [submitted link]
kickstarter page: [submitted link]

2021/10/17 18:31, Enforcer: 
Hey, sweet man. My head almost exploded with all the fast-paced action, none of those 'bash-delay-bash lands' type of things where you can go afk and get a drink?

2021/10/18 11:08, Alantir: 
Looking great. I'll help back it.

2021/10/20 02:00, Ramangth: 
Looks awesome. I'll be in for the Kickstarter when you launch it!

2021/10/21 17:46, Alweon: 
Kickstarter is live!

2021/10/21 18:23, Cyndane: 

Can I make my in-game name shoutout be something like


2021/10/22 02:19, Ramangth: 
Backed it as well - congrats on the launch!

2021/10/24 23:41, Nazgum: 
Hey thanks guys, thats very awesome of you to back my game! Hope you have fun with it, as i've had a blast making it =)

2021/10/25 23:15, Morzhel: 

Good luck :)

2021/10/26 18:51, Sert:   
Looks hotness

Also holy shit Ramangth, haven't seen that name in 15 years.

2021/10/27 08:48, Singleton: 
This looks like just the game I ALWAYS was way too slow for, even decades ago.

Of course I have to back it :-D

2021/10/27 12:50, Ramangth: 
Ha - don't worry I'm still lurking around on ER. :)

2021/10/28 04:53, Zud:   
Backed it as well, best wishes Nazgum!

2021/10/28 14:52, Nazgum: 
Thanks for backing it Zud, Ramangth, Singleton, Morzhel, Cyndane and Alantir! Between here and the discord, I received a lot of support from the mume community which feels pretty special, so thanks so much =)

2021/11/01 20:48, Enforcer: 
Hey, backed with some buckaroos - but not getting any confirmation email to verify and stuff :/. I'll check my mail tomorrow.

2021/11/01 20:53, Enforcer: 
Nevermind, the domain for my email had been quaranteened :). All good now.

2021/11/15 02:37, Nazgum: 
my kickstarter hit 100% funded tonight and really want to say thanks to you all!!

over 20 mumers backed the kickstarter, which feels rather heartwarming that mume is a game with such harsh consequences and the community is still super fun and supportive, and it really meant a lot. The stress this month was crazy, not knowing if this would work out, and my game wouldnt have made it without this communities support, so eternally indebted. thanks so much!! =) =)

2021/11/15 06:39, Singleton: 

2021/11/15 15:34, Alantir: 
Congratulations Nazgum! I'm looking forward to the finished game!

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