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2003/01/31 13:21, Wenwalme: 
That smells fishy, Sirina... I suggest send the log (if you logged) to Staer.

2003/01/31 13:23, Fankil: 

Well done Vaire. What you accomplished with this thread was to make every other Joe think s/he dies due to other players cheating.

'poor Norsus troll' - what's that supposed to mean? We gained so extremely much more during those BBT days than we lost, we ate so much equipment that you won't believe it.

The fact that we was scouted by other trolls/bns/L1 chars wasn't frowned upon by the Managmenet though, since they pretty much disliked what we were doing anyhow (my assumptions).

You whine about being target; 1) you were a follower, 2) probably one-of-a-kind-race in the group, 3) mobs could have yelled your name.. There are plenty of reasons why some people gets targetted, don't jump to conclusions because you need something to blame your death on.

2003/01/31 13:43, Sirina:   
I do not only blame it on that case... ;) And mobs didn't yell anything btw. However, just looked bad but I am dead, my eq got spamlooted and I will be back to business taking revenge on some followers of Sauron.

Just in general - whoever needs to cheat in this game has my sypmathy. It is a game, not life. At least it should be like that.

2003/01/31 14:01, Pedrag: 
Ugh?! ''whoever needs to cheat in this game has my sypmathy''

Thats just stupid, and also your argument that it is a game, not life. I mean even in games there has to be rules that should be accepted and respected by the players.... I could aswell prevent Maradonna from scoring if i would 'cheat' against the rules of soccer, and soccer is also a game....

But i dont care who has your syPMathy, cheaters will not have my sympathy. :P

2003/01/31 14:14, Surt: 
*nod Pedrag*
I cheat in real life - that's sometimes part of my work. It is not neceassary to cheat in a game - i get my fun just from gaming. Yes, winning is more funny, but i don't care about losing...

2003/01/31 14:17, Plancy: 
Fankil are you saying that what you and other players did at bbt with their trolls is right and good? There are other ways to get equipment out of game than abusing gamemechanics (idle-trigger).
Besides after that idle-action for decaying pracs got illegal and now it's so much more fun.

2003/01/31 14:39, Vaire: 
Fankil, it's rarely EVER someone's fault they die. Maybe 20% of Mume players admit that 20% of the time they die to their own mistakes, everything else is lag, management ruining something, labs/cheaters, bugs, etc..

What I accomplished? Hmm. Well believe it or not I deal with a lot of rules issues. Many more than probably get any publicity and it helps me to understand the minds of people when these things come up in game.

And No, I don't scan through the thread for people that say 'I cheat.'

I believe the more I know, the better my ability to be fair and balanced with my findings and recommendations I provide to Staer.

2003/01/31 14:41, Vaire: 
p.s. The BBT conversation neglects to mention that the MAIN reason it was investigated was because people were sitting there with anti-idle triggers, where people that were clearly AFK were involved in PK w/o the proper flag because of their triggers and therefore while intentional or not were inflating the numbers and presentation of their side and adding confusion in battle. (This is not an official MUME management statement)

2003/01/31 14:48, Vaab:   
Mume is all server-side. It is impossible to 'hack' or use a 'trainer' but one can find a bug in the system. Like Mammoth did, to use it for their own personal gain.

2003/01/31 15:10, Fankil: 
Those who was afk in BBT didn't 'action-hunt', if we were afk and pukes entered we died.

There's a difference to claim that you died because the Management doesn't realize that autoflee sucks and to say you died because of cross-race information (or some other cheat).

2003/01/31 18:53, Lkuzk: 
Not always though, Fankil. On at least two occasions I recall AFK *troll*s winning the fights...

2003/01/31 19:10, Drakmar:   
I rember along time ago when i was aroun dlevel 14 or so, I was fighting some noname orc in rubble and between bashes he told me if I let him go he'd tell me what orcs/bns were no and where.. well he died a horrible death (yay for skeleton warrior buffing), sadly it was a rekill so I still don't know who it was.

2003/02/01 12:03, Cagim: 
*cough* concerning the bbt idling, we all know how you cheated there fankil =p

I did the system once! pukes enter, action on beeping 2.troll* whom beeps 3.troll* whom beep 4.troll* whom beep me etc.

2021/07/30 22:31, Elízalde:   
Funny thread here and the comments where everyone dances around the question asked. So many pages of comments and only that stud Gray had the balls to answer the question asked without shame it would seem. (maybe I missed one though!)

2021/09/14 13:26, Osilin: 
Diamonium also gave quite black and white answer.

Tough questions...
I would try to steer my friend away from obvious cheating (and keep my skin and distance from it) but I surely won't tell about it to any V+. However, should there be a 'bust' and investigation after that I won't lie if I am asked about the case.

Bug abuse is something I don't consider as serious cheating and I will happily take part if it happens to be fun.
I am still sad I did not happen to be on line when Bree->DT tunneling took place.

2021/09/21 20:33, Diamonium: 
Should I post the best cheats here aswell? I bet many can't believe how wonderful time it was.

2021/09/22 07:43, Seade: 
Yes please.

2021/10/02 14:47, Ashmash: 
That would be wonderful diamonium. It would make my life shine.

2021/10/03 03:31, Roadkill: 
@Diamonium: Absolutely.

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