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Damnit.. i was just gonna go eat dinner rl.. ...   Draaz2001/11/16
Mistle and Girando around TallOrc   Girando2001/08/01
Naksitralls reshaping noc   Muhv2001/10/04
Bloodsplatter at GC (request) ->OLD<-   Mammoth2001/08/09
Mumma and Gris die horribly   Neziel2001/10/01
Trackreading lessons   Watár2001/11/16
Seeking asylum at Amanrandil   Glaran2001/10/07
3 sides of the war, ouch!   Verminaard2001/08/19
Fight at old Wight. (old)   Verminaard2001/08/22
10 Fair for once   Gimilzor2001/12/11
11 Thoronwe in Tharbad   Thoronwe2001/09/28
12 Rumble in Tharbad.   Vanimelde2001/09/15
13 Eale and Torkild bite it!   Jheran2001/12/14
14 This dwarf doesnt want to die :)   Thror2001/10/25
15 Stupidity RIPs!   Paque2001/10/10
16 Damn it was such a good idea!   Sharan2001/12/11
17 Trapper gets backtrapped and backtrapper who ...   Stormblast2001/08/14
18 And the fight goes on...   Amdir2001/12/05
19 Mewlips hate intruders!   Grythar2001/08/19
20 Close call at Wightlord   Enforcer2001/09/08
21 The THIEF always gets it the worst - Return O...   Focus2001/08/12
22 We're giving blood at bakery.   Vanimelde2001/10/03
23 who won?   Faeolle2001/12/27
24 Survivor, no?   Nushenak2001/10/29
25 Battle in the norther regions, in old Fornost...   Vanimelde2001/09/15
26 Rasta trapped   Rasta2001/10/23
27 My promise for the new year!   Dork2001/12/29
28 Verminaard vs. Nain   Verminaard2001/10/16
29 Ulfhild and friends (Part I)   Ulfhild2001/09/05
30 1 vs 1, very fun for me ;)   Murumutt2001/08/14
31 Nothing too great - tiny rumble at Priest   Mammoth2001/08/17
32 A Mumer is born! (Someone wanted this here as...   Aschit2001/08/17
33 Pukes charging lonely troll...   Stah2001/09/09
34 An orc is an orc is an orc (Old Log)   Cur2001/09/20
35 Rescue mission runs late   Enforcer2001/10/17
36 Mighty Uruk-Hai   Dragóth2001/10/28
37 Zorgoth and willows master plan   Gilmándir2001/11/13
38 A Mumer Is Born (part 2)   Aschit2001/11/30
39 Luck.   Murumutt2001/08/14
40 Ulfhild and friends (Part II)   Ulfhild2001/09/05
41 Gimilzor vs Cylas part II [long]   Gimilzor2001/09/25
42 MagicMissile POWER!!!   Cantoras2001/11/07
43 Funny :)   Spears2001/10/28
44 Who said there are no brave whities left?   Stah2001/11/13
45 Huge heavily edited TROLL PK log! (be warned!...   Dork2001/11/13
46 MIB attacks! (old log)   Sharan2001/12/12
47 this log is on too but its funny   Morholth2001/08/05
48 Cellarfight   Gimilzor2001/09/26
49 NICE rescue, BAD poison   Lothlahn2001/10/17
50 An ussual BN log who wants to pk. PLEASE READ...   Hate2001/11/15