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This section is for logs, which are not suitable for the main log page.
Please still keep in mind, logs should be interesting for the community.
For you and anyone - now and later.
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Today's random log: Finally a fair fight ;) (Sharmak) 2008/05/26
Yesterday's random log: Like today couldn't go any worse. (Dragor) 2001/08/17
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Wobbit gets jumped by nasty or... (Theskunk)2020/07/02, 13:33 GMT
  50,619 bytes
Viewed 133 times, last comment 1 day ago by Espen.3 comments
No title (Taramikir)2020/06/21,  2:15 GMT
  42,518 bytes
Viewed 304 times, last comment 11 days ago by Svarten.6 comments
Silly action (Marillion)2020/06/14,  0:00 GMT
  90,071 bytes
Viewed 329 times, last comment 16 days ago by Bardock.4 comments
A field trip to the Citadel (Asmodean) 2020/05/31, 21:55 GMT
  126,163 bytes
Viewed 423 times, last comment 29 days ago by Breaux.17 comments
Pride Cometh Before The Fall (Cyndane) 2020/05/28, 20:49 GMT
  66,665 bytes
Viewed 382 times, last comment one month ago by Deth.11 comments
Philosopher gets Physical (Aristotle) 2020/05/28, 14:47 GMT
  78,199 bytes
Viewed 323 times, last comment one month ago by Alcarnil.11 comments
Skirmish at GC (Thiwzan)2020/05/17, 13:33 GMT
  49,131 bytes
Viewed 394 times, last comment one month ago by Fieldy.7 comments
My Kingdom for a horse!  (Nero)2020/05/15, 11:39 GMT
  56,535 bytes
Viewed 396 times, last comment one month ago by Redruth.7 comments
Sleep deprivation, 3v1, nothin... (Malantur)2020/05/04, 17:23 GMT
  55,141 bytes
Viewed 648 times, last comment one month ago by Fieldy.16 comments
Smiles Thinks About COVID  (Smiles) 2020/05/04,  7:50 GMT
  2,980 bytes
Viewed 458 times, last comment one month ago by Gwokk.3 comments
 Random Runes
 Khorga: Huhh, hands still shaaking, made soo meny mista...
 Marillion: Haha awesome job Piglet. That is just frigg...
 Rogon: A new certificate made it so mmapper couldn't co...
 Walo: mume down?
 Toigan: u bore me
 Tufo: Guys, my balls are itchy
 Iminy: Really sad that anonymous immortal cheater narr...
 Marillion: Congrats on hunting down a lithe orc fain. F...
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