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Cancan95 was at one time hosted at Sparta by Bjorn Wesen, the programmer responsible for porting Cancan to Win32. However, the FTP server there has recently been shut down and we have decided to provide an alternative hosting for those who cannot use the PowTTY windows client.

You can get the binary + source + VC++5 project files + docfile + readme by clicking on

Cancan95 is a port to the Win32 API (Windows95 + WindowsNT) by of a unix mud client, which has been under development for some years under different names and by different programmers. It was originally called Cancan but a while ago Massimiliano Ghilardi improved it greatly and renamed it to Powwow. It is the Powwow version 0.8 which is the base for Cancan95. Cancan and all its descendants are in the public domain.

The original version of Cancan95 didn't work under Windows NT because Microsoft left out ANSI support in their consoles (something both DOS, Win95, and all other OS'es in the world has). However, Massimiliano Ghilardi now has written an ANSI simulator which makes Cancan95 work under NT!

What differs Cancan95 from the other Win95 mud clients, is that it is a console application - it runs in a "dos" window - which means you can blow it up to full-screen dos text-mode (alt+return in win95), which scrolls much faster than windows graphics.

Some features of Cancan95:

  • Keybindings - redefine the function keys and keypad to do whatever you want
  • Advanced commandline handling with word-completion, arrowkey editing, command history etc
  • Aliases and actions
  • Highlighting text
  • Variables and mathematics
  • 5000 lines scrollback

Cancan95 might have some bugs left, be warned. Also note that the program has not been updated since 7/15/1998 and there will be no forthcoming updates.

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