usch Player of: Hezekiah, Max
Real Life Name: Jason
Age: 77
Started Playing: ? 2000 or so
Favourite Adventure
I was on my BN at level 15 or so, I think I could store one lighting bolt, or cast fireball or something. What ever it actually was, it made me decide it would be a good idea to go brush and fight some pukes. So I walk in on 4 hero pukes, unload on one of them and they all ran. One ended up mob dying, I think one drown or mob died and the other two ran w of neni. Probably all the way back to BM truth be told. I felt like a king making 4 people crap their pants like that. And I was just a little guy, a non-hero BN. The most fragile creature on arda. And the wickedest.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Entitlement, lag and constant dooming and glooming about the game dying.
In real life ...
Software engineer.
Famous words ...
'They're probably low, let's hit!'
Last words ...
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