ca Player of: Arki, Ébène, Ceres, Habs, Ima, Julia, Khulak, Kulthor, Liolie, Mairen, Matane, Merdes, Tunka, Vivia, Wounder
Real Life Name: Sébastien
Started Playing: The very first day of mume VIII.
Favourite Adventure
The first time I played: I prayed to GH and met Miller the hobbit. After some explanation about aliases and such, he brang me to the Werewolf n-e of the city. Since I didn't know anything about mume, I felt like he brang me to Moria and that we killed some great evil beast. I still think this is my greatest kill.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Mobbing someone else.
In real life ...
Famous words ...
Free gold in Bree!
Last words ...
No logs posted!