us Player of: Lavok, Tyro
Real Life Name: Aaron Keller
Age: 1989
Started Playing: late winter 2002 or early 2003
Favourite Adventure
first time leading warrens raid, first time leading 14-16 pukes vs equal number orcs/bns(no trolls or we lose :P) in vt backway area and winning. quite fun.
Least favourite thing about MUME
prejudice... cant stand it. also people who think fighting has to be fair(only equal numbers, no portalling, no trapping, etc). usually fighting and fairness dont coincide, if thats your thing though go for it.
In real life ...
i'm a rugby player. love bloodsports. also a musician, trumpet, guitar, percussion, etc. I listen to indie rock type bands like modest mouse and red hot chili peppers, also love pink floyd and some punk too.
Famous words ...
not me but... 'Now now my good man, now is not the time to make enemies.' Voltaire's response to a priest who asked him to renounce satan while on his death bed.
Last words ...
yeah I'd like to add 2 and 2 and get 4? (?)
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