ca Player of: Yoshzura
Real Life Name: Altair
Age: 19, 20 at the end of '07
Started Playing: mume 8, a year, a year, and a half ago
Favourite Adventure
First time I tried solo fighting in a closeable. Was vs...Survival, I learned the lesson of 'never use a bow on another thief in a closeable fight unless its bashed', also learned the stunning tale of how easy it was to go moveless in those fights, was fun I knew I'd lose (entered on mid-hurt) although Survival was hurt too. Also I found that there are other things you can do when you know ur losing and are trapped in (with mobs), except I found that lame so I just stopped and fought him till he stabbed me dead. Got spamlooted but it was worth it!
Least favourite thing about MUME
Mobdeath, Cowardice among the western people, those that value treasure over valour, those that fight with nothing short of ruthlessness only when they outnumber their quarry.
In real life ...
A nervous wreck
Famous words ...
Last words ...
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