uk Player of: Durath, Fairoak, Ghalad, Klaen, Suraz, Tarnas, Thob
Real Life Name: Dai
Age: Feb 1973
Started Playing: Jan 2005
Favourite Adventure
Any adventure where your with a group you can trust. Who do not run at the first sign of *a troll* - Moria, still sends shivers down my spine.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Bad manners/rude narrates this is a game, come on! - Spam looting/triggers. - Sun-killing trolls! - Too many samesiding selfish idiots playing darkside at the moment. Waiting for a few to grow up/quit before I play darkie again.
In real life ...
British Army
Famous words ...
Telling my daughter to give me a 'tell' when she wanted her dinner and also using OMG and FFS (in abbreviated form) in RL conversations!
Last words ...
I will try and aid in you in anyway I can, I prefer to give and try not to trade. However if you play selfishly or are rude to others, expect no help from me. - To those cool MUME players I met on my last tour in Iraq, thanks, your all awesome! - Thanks to p. Kalev and p. Ortansia for making MUME fun.
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