id Player of: Diar, Jagoan, Kuchiki, Nitha, Rendtner, Riena, Rinoa, Susu, Zabhlay
Real Life Name: audy
Age: 1977
Started Playing: 2006
Favourite Adventure
first time went to bree and gh from fornost .. darn, i missed those times :/
Least favourite thing about MUME
gacced - some full-set player says 'spare coins for rent pls ?' - no one cares for helpin newbies anymore..
In real life ...
hell ! get laid, get laid, get laid, get laid :D
Famous words ...
sorry, im too laggy to exp with.. - naah, eq is easy :p
Last words ...
wonder where p(aelindor) is ? he helped a lot when the first time i play mume...
No logs posted!