se Player of: Abraham, Azgar, Balcmeg, Blixt, Bom, Dhufa, Elina, Eur, Hai, Hyym, Iri, Ljhew, Malva, Margret, Matterik, Missy, Murc, Nainn, Othrod, Paranor, Rhuler, Ruune, Ugg, Vur, Wooh, Ygg, Ymir, Yoker
Real Life Name: Mattias
Age: 1972
Started Playing: 1994
Favourite Adventure
Going in Elestir group doing xp and pk. Not balrog.
Least favourite thing about MUME
unfriendly people
In real life ...
Believer in the lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Famous words ...
Jesus Christ is the Lord and the Saviour.
Last words ...
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(Bom)  Dwarf and Hobbit enter while we xp a...   other logs
(Balcmeg)  Fight in Hunters Hut   other logs