ca Player of: Gathariel, Ghîmlin, Khazîm, Lisbeth, Narbag, Rindell, Uroth, Zuzhusk
Real Life Name: Ryan
Age: July 30 1983
Started Playing: 2000
Favourite Adventure
I may have started playing in 2000 but I didn't do anything except type 'follow' and 'assist' so I never really learned to play myself. I played again every few years since then but never really played on my own until 2016. So I don't really have a favorite adventure, yet.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Dying. I die a lot, to everything, everywhere. I hate dying while exploring a new area and you get stuck because of some roots or some magic and then you lose a day or several days of XP. I don't mind dying so much to other players but man the XP penalty of dying is harsh. I don't have a lot of spare time to XP another 100 hours to regain lost XP. I also dislike other players most of the time, at least on the good side. They don't like to group much and are very stingy with money and eq, or even their helpful advice. I started to play on the bad side and they are a much better bunch.
In real life ...
I'm in the Army and don't have a lot of time for much. Currently I am living in Germany and I really hope someday before I leave that we can make some sort of MUME get together for beer and bbq or something.
Famous words ...
What does this do? Right before I open a door and go down or something similar, to my death.
Last words ...
I would like to get more people into playing this game, but it is very difficult in todays gaming landscape.
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