us Player of: Chauncey, Forrest, Mors, Neo, Plato, Sloth, Tim
Real Life Name: Stephen Joseph Halpin
Age: December 4th, 1979
Started Playing: Summer of 1999
Favourite Adventure
West Warrens with all the oldie but goodie trolls playin, Goretongue with the master plan for the best tunnels ever, pukeslaughter ensued!
Least favourite thing about MUME
The worst thing about MUME is that you hardly ever see ME there anymore!
In real life ...
Famous words ...
say btw don't go n Reivax says 'it's ok' Reivax leaves north. *SPLAT* (Reivax and I in halls of mandos moments later, after falling down the lift shaft with an orc at the bottom) say it's ok?
Last words ...
(Plato)  Plato and Friends in 'Goldenfight'  
(Mors)  A Clash of Kings! (My View)  
(Neo)  Eggraz dies to a handsome, witty, de...  
(Forrest)  Iranon Dies in his own trappa! :) Fu...