no Player of: Anduil, Azrubel, Batter, Beralith, Binota, Dari, Dunkel, Eilire, Einor, Eormtir, Erional, Etelion, Faabrat, Falber, Glorwen, Grerl, Illuminatie, Imatin, Kaldae, Kaldre, Khazgal, Mari, Maura, Minni, Mordaeon, Mordah, Orofarne, Qap, Rivendil, Slegga, Snapp, Themumak, Therhino, Thronr, Tyrwe, Usrhk, Vreckt, Yrja
Real Life Name: Marius Laksholm
Age: September 11. 1976
Started Playing: August 96
Favourite Adventure
Following Zim, none beside, none over.
Least favourite thing about MUME
My own addiction, being so madly angry when I die.
In real life ...
I wear the one ring
Famous words ...
Last words ...
Not really, enjoy the game all of you, but please dont fall into the need to use actions and cheat to be better in this game.
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(Faabrat)  Ooc fight. Sorry for late post