se Player of: Borka, Damo, Elirion, Fui, Hoeth, Ilmarin, Kardagash, Kessbor
Real Life Name: Erik
Age: 750819
Started Playing: May 10th 1999, 23:30:36 GMT (Ilmarin)
Favourite Adventure
Must have been when I solo-backtraped 3 darkie .ee's in the fence south of Bree. After that missile was changed....
Least favourite thing about MUME
Whining teens that think Mume is a FPS. A selected few 'elite'-players attitude, there isn't many but still a few.
In real life ...
No longer home on parental leave, but still playing golf.
Famous words ...
Ask someone else. Doubt it though, I never group with anyone. 'Lappfan' comes to mind though.
Last words ...
Nienor rocks.
(Kardagash)  Pig rips behind fence.