ee Player of: Aros, Implithura, Kingpool, Sharghl, Tram, Turviniel
Real Life Name: Mart Abramov
Age: 23 years old
Started Playing: 1995
Favourite Adventure
Going to help my fellow troll in sewers and to realize that i am exhausted on open ground 1 zone east of Tharbad. To be SURE that now i sundie - and then when sun rises somehow i dont!It turned out that 1 e of Tbad zone was only zone on arda with Fog at that moment - lucky eh? :)
Least favourite thing about MUME
Permanent whining by some people who just cant handle it.
In real life ...

Famous words ...

Last words ...
(Implithura)  My side of it (nothing much)  
(Sharghl)  Same fight below through the eyes of...