nl Player of: Bum, Cadderly, Dorfl, Jarlaxle, Mistress, Tasslehoff, Uthegental, Valas, Zhorgas
Real Life Name:
Age: '78
Started Playing: Somewhere in '98
Favourite Adventure
Running around with p(Rhand).
Least favourite thing about MUME
Players that think they are too important to respond to whatever form of communication
In real life ...
Finished Master's, visited SEAsia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) for three months. Looking for a fancy job right now. In a few years? A job in Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia wouldnt be the worst thing to dream about :)
Famous words ...
------========= !!WARNING DUDE CASTING NOW!! =============-------------
Last words ...
I always wonder how a game manages to keep my attention even after almost 7 years, must be because it is a great game after all ;) Addendum: That I hardly play anymore, doesnt make the above statement less valid.
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