uk Player of: Finwe
Real Life Name:
Age: 1979
Started Playing: March? 1999 (End of MUME 6)
Favourite Adventure
Not knowing any players on MUME in RL and then discovering that my best friend on MUME was not only playing from the same city as me, but was sitting about 20 metres from me in the same lab!
Least favourite thing about MUME
Bugs! Ridiculous bugs that cause death, like walking back into a Bash (fixed), walking back in a mob's spell (I think fixed). Other silly things like having a one-way exit into a room that only has a sun exit and has a water current that brings you into the sun (Olog sun-death). Oh, and the stupid implementation of Charge.
In real life ...
I'm a computer programmer and live in London, UK.
Famous words ...

Last words ...
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