us Player of: Bomber, Ganon, Noche, Paisa
Real Life Name: Andres
Age: ehhh not too high.
Started Playing: 1998-1999
Favourite Adventure
The anticipitation on landing a stab and not knowing whether it will KILL or NOT....
Least favourite thing about MUME
The SuperDUPER Linked Highasslevel fullsetted spamming chars, on my ass.
In real life ...
High school Graduate, hoping to work with animals at a local zoo or wildlife center. Still somewhat hooked to mume!
Famous words ...
Buenas noches, WAZZA, ummm....I dunno, Where are we?, what are the exits?, Anyone spare any eq? etc...
Last words ...
(Paisa)  Such bad luck for Bn   other logs
(Noche)  I just found it funny+boots!   other logs
(Noche)  Noche has a surprise for you all!   other logs