atmx Player of: Gomtuu, Hettar, Himbeere, Merryn, Que, Scrat, Teue
Real Life Name: Jürgen
Age: 22.12.1976
Started Playing: March, 2002
Favourite Adventure
when i made tps outside with my orc and got exhausted when dwarf chased me. When i died to him my labbie shouted that orc dies! Now guess who it was! :-P Was my first pk-death with this char and that by a labbie sitting beside me!
Least favourite thing about MUME
always the same, mobbing Que.
In real life ...
computer scientist, photographer
Famous words ...
* ups * sorry, my mistake * life is overrated
Last words ...
90% of my life consists of work, red cross and studies. ... back for some time :)
(Que)  Some live, some die!  
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