xx Player of: Blancho, Caegirith, Celebsil, Gourmet, Headache, Kokan, Surt, Wenwalme
Real Life Name: Tobias
Age: old enough to be many MUMErs father
Started Playing: in Spring 2002 or earlier (I can't remember...)
Favourite Adventure
real life!
Least favourite thing about MUME
That too many players lack a gamer's attitude. Even an *enemy* is another player. It's the game to kill his char, but the player should enjoy a nice fight. Overkilling, linkless killing, spamlooting, cheating etc. ruins your other players day.
In real life ...

Famous words ...

Last words ...
A long time I said: You can't make MUME better with leaving, therefore I stayed. Today I know better, I retired most of my chars now, the remaining 2 will retire when they finished their legend homes.
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