za Player of: Belmoth, Cruzin, Digtakh, Elaril, Glaze, Gruft, Grunt, Malcolm, Sleth, Trisk, Tucker
Real Life Name: Michael-John
Age: 08-02-1973
Started Playing: 93'
Favourite Adventure
Using the Orkish Horn, the good old days when orc mobs rallied around you. After going up and down ABR and blowing the horn I lead an army towards the ford. It was only a few minutes before I was swarmed, being blinded rather soon in the battle I stood there blind whilst 4 of them mob died; found it rather amusing, the horn was changed soon after the incident.
Least favourite thing about MUME
I can't say I dislike anything, but I sure do miss a few of the honorable players; George to name one.
In real life ...
Software Development
Famous words ...
Last words ...
We need more South Africans playing the game.
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