ee Player of: Ashe, Badesse, ‘chra, Dera, Gobbler, Hatred, Khreth, Liliah, NůlindŽ, ňrowen, Woti, Zanetha
Real Life Name: Liina
Age: 25.04.1978
Started Playing: Somewhere around early 1998
Favourite Adventure
Sitting in Fornost jail after walking in with a weapon. Warm and fuzzy.
Least favourite thing about MUME
That it got old :(
In real life ...
From my world, I bring you greetings From our world, I bring you greetings It's so hard to tame them will be so hard to prove them wrong I believe, we'll lose our world for them... I believe, we'd throw up arms before Them... ...And bore them So call it home
Famous words ...
Where am I?! Heeelp *yelps*
Last words ...
Fear is the strongest emotion of your life. It teaches you about love, about hate, about everything... respect it. Think outside the box :P!
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