fi Player of: Ged, Smasha, Urian
Real Life Name: Ben
Age: Really old
Started Playing: Mume 4 ? when warrens was ON oer =)
Favourite Adventure
Back in the day when I started anything with Hanse and Ogion was always fun, later when I mostly switched to darkie side anything with my trollie mates (esp. deva + aussie trolls) was insanely great
Least favourite thing about MUME
Too steep learning curve, even if I someday would like to come back would not have the time and energy to learn everything again :-/
In real life ...
moved on to other things years ago
Famous words ...
I SUCK !!!!!
Last words ...
(Smasha)  So this is what sun looks like then ?   other logs
(Smasha)  We really that scary ?? =)   other logs