br Player of: Firebolt, Gahrong, Hellraiser, Mercurio, Murderer, Numraz, Sacerdote, Tund, Uther
Real Life Name: Nelson
Age: 1971
Started Playing: 1994
Favourite Adventure
Any old-time troll bend-fight or ford fight. Participating in my first-ever Bree raid (as a troll), along with Aucher, Bash, Getu and other ancient greats, with Snarf leading the pack. Getting my first worm hide (back when there was a white worm, off the oer) and getting my first warsword from Slayer's cold, dead hands.
Least favourite thing about MUME
1) Losing age to mobdeath; 2) Losing level to mobdeath; 3) Losing age AND level to mobdeath; 4) dts.
In real life ...
Engineer, internet entrepreneur, internet consultant, stock market analyst/trader.
Famous words ...

Last words ...
(Uther)  For nostalgia's sake (very incomplet...