ca Player of: Miser
Real Life Name: Gino
Age: 1977
Started Playing: Late 96'
Favourite Adventure
Huru & Berg -- All the times we ran into Aaron near NOC. Huru & Berg -- Our Bree trips as clueless newbies. Huru & Berg -- Trying to xp in Moria for the first time, ends in mobdeath.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Playing off a modem link and always freezing the second I entered 'the Bend'.
In real life ...
Still looking for the next available one.
Famous words ...
bah ISP cutting me off for 2hr limit, brb in 5 mins.
Last words ...
(Xgk)  xp stealer  
(Deacon)  Pking with an AFK Nazgum is FUN FUN ...
(Miser)  Miser fools Axel