us Player of: Bea, Den, Droog, Laethil, Paracelsus, Zwingli
Real Life Name: Robert
Age: old
Started Playing: 2001
Favourite Adventure
Recently, getting jumped by 5 darkies in Ghostly Captain after having just finished it with Phantasm, Gkan, Barba, and myself (Bea). Gkan and Barba ripped, but Phantasm and I managed to block selves in one of the east rooms, then Nibble's group showed up and massacred orcs. Phantasm had to buff undead in room on awful while i blocked door, pierced em dead with no mana. Was a rush. I also found getting travel lore for my Sal (hobbit warrior) fun and challenging ... learned that slash is better for soloing ice demon than smite.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Alienation and anonymity. People use you and forget you, act like jerks because there is no accountability. I try to be helpful and am always looking for people with a sense of humor to group with.
In real life ...
Garage rock, history, kids (two of em).
Famous words ...
Die, you gravy sucking pig!
Last words ...
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