clpa Player of: Alathel, Aquiles, Beolden, Burzlahk, Cálenor, Cosmo, Dagalur, Durkon, Earubon, Eradan, Fendor, Frosch, Gaulgon, Kheldur, Nazgrash, Nufan, Rofl, Sapo, Shaldun, Telemmaite, Vlash, Walda, Wegz, Zaga, Zapo
Real Life Name: Andrés Restrepo
Age: 03/03/84
Started Playing: 22 Feb 2002
Favourite Adventure
Heh! Best, Massive xp trips with p(Mobi), great leader ;) And hard to forget this adventures with good friends, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :P Remarking p(Kaldae), p(Noche), p(Khazla), p(Khand), p(Rato), p(Saralonde), p(Corsek) and all the names that wouldnt feet here lajk PAPI
Least favourite thing about MUME
Damn the game is changing and changing and being less fun, its just the friends that keep me up here...
In real life ...
Im a man who likes to keep more % on RL than MUME life, love chatting when playing, so guys, its not SPAM, its CHAT, *gig*...
Famous words ...
Last words ...
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