xx Player of: Aelin, Awful, Genius, Hellokitty, Igemon, Khundin, Suka
Real Life Name: Dmitri
Age: 1983
Started Playing: 1995
Favourite Adventure
Winning as a caster vs orc smiter by pure luck, soloing 3 trolls in Mormaeg, doing Fnost guards with Scrape, pkilling with Huor, dying to Golfimbul/Harkz near Bree, killing Malus in his own trap, fleeing from kraken at 1 hp.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Sundeath, defense warriors, fast linked swedes.
In real life ...
Music producer and DJ at a local radio station.
Famous words ...
uberdefense overpowered lvl90+ instabashing actionhunting overkilling bitches suck!
Last words ...
I've been playing MUME more than half of my life, do ya think I will quit now?! :)
No logs posted!