no Player of: Alfear, Elethre, Nolon
Real Life Name: André U
Age: 31.10.79
Started Playing: september 2001
Favourite Adventure
When I went on a solotrip east to get rivendell citizenship for my purethief Nolon. Had no clue where to go, just knew I had to find someplace called moors and type 'seek rivendell'. got attacked by *a Man* riding a *a troll* at ford. Spammed north and got utterly lost. Got away thanks to maxed hide. Now know I hid 2 rooms north of hatch. Never had such a bloodrush in all my life :)
Least favourite thing about MUME
In real life ...
Studdying economics in trondheim.
Famous words ...
DAMD this depression!
Last words ...
Im far from a good pker and I have alot to learn. But im patient and i dont whine when life is against me. Almost permaidle from MUME these days because of studies and since I'm became a father 08. 02-2005 :) BUT ILL BE BACK!!!! i hope!!!:P
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